Q-Clip BV is an European company that is located in the Netherlands.

With our innovative and patented solutions, we provide underfloor heating professionals from around the world a better and more efficient method of working.


Q-Clip BV is positioning itself as 'The new way of working'. To achieve this, we are investing in innovative solutions that improve the working method for the execution of underfloor heating projects.

As a high-quality brand with innovative products for use in the underfloor heating industry, we strive for profitable growth. We also want our organization to be a leader and expand our global market position. 


To optimize the working posture and speed of work, Q-Clip BV continually creates new and better working conditions. At the same time, we are setting higher targets for the achievement of better results and higher productivity.

One of our strategic goals is to create a strong market position. We are doing this by innovating, developing and marketing our products with our business partners. In doing so, we are focusing on global market coverage.