When it comes to the introduction of innovative and user friendly underfloor heating systems, Q-Clip BV is a true pioneer.

We believe that our success depends on the success of our partners.
That is why we give such importance to reliable and long-term collaboration.



We offer a reliable partnership with innovative products. Solutions that provide our joint customers a successful way in which to achieve added value from their projects. We strive, in cooperation with our partners, to make our unique and patented system the best in the market. The focus is on a global market coverage. 

We offer multiple forms of partnership:

You are a manufacturer and would like to operate as an exclusive partner within a specific region (continent). This is only possible outside Europe.

- You are a manufacturer and would like to be an exclusive partner in one or more countries.

You are a wholesaler and/or manufacturer and have an interest in becoming a reseller in our delivery program.

- You are an installation technician and have interest in our product. 


Are you interested in 'The new way of working', using the Q-Clip Mesh system? Please e-mail us with detailed information about your company and your personal interest. Or contact us to make an appointment.

The Q-Clip Mesh system is patented in the following continents:

- Europe (under patent application EP12780873.1)

- America (under patent application US14/352,643)

- Canada (under patent application 2852640)

- China (under patent application 2012800564323)

- Hong Kong (based on Chinese patent application 15100785.2). 


(The above information is based on our international patent application PCT/NL2012/050731 (published under WO2013/058656).)



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